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Come to think of dead sneakers, I just trashed a pair today. They were old Reeboks that did great things for me for probably around a decade or more. I picked them up cheap at Prime Outlets for around $20 for the pair.

Dead now, but they sure were comfortable for a long, long time.

Last bought: a queen-sized air mattress (pictured sitting on top of a king sized regular mattress that I’ve already had for a while). I am going on a 1,000+ mile move soon (I’ll post more about new jobs and new location later), and there will be nights where the real bed will be in a moving truck, so I thought this cheap, portable gem would bridge the gap, and it will help when I camp over the summer after the move too (we spend most of our summer nights in a tent). I used to use egg-shell foam mats, but they’ve already been used for furniture padding to keep things from getting ruined during the trip. I know nothing about this “Intex” brand; it was the only decent looking thing at the store here in this tiny town. These air mattresses have a bad reputation for leaking, but I figure if I get 10 good nights out of this, I’ll feel it was worth the purchase. I'll be camping many dozens of nights, but if this thing dies, I'll still have the old foam mats.

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