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Originally Posted by spookz View Post
..went out and bought the third pair...
If you called Sony, I bet they would just send you new tweeters free. If not, you should be able to buy them a lot cheaper than buying a whole new speaker. I have cooked a lot of tweeters. I have not had a name brand manufacturer not replace blown drivers during the warranty. If you feel guilty (I wouldn't) they would probably also have new drivers for you to buy at much less than new speakers. Tweeters like those are probably only about $15.

One thing you should think about is that the volume knob doesn't mean that you aren't actually exceeding the rated amplifier power. My amp does 165w a channel at .01% THD. If you don't mind lousy fidelity, it can push well over 200 watts into a speaker.

How high should you turn the amp up? Half way or you're likely to eat parts. Remember volume controls are logarithmic. On your amp, it's likely that "half way" is probably somewhere around 80 watts.

Another thing to consider is the voltage of the input source. Amps are built to take 1 volt on their preamplifier. If you have hooked the amp to a mixer, EQ, computer or like that, you may be exceeding 1 volt on the input. That means 100% on the volume knob might push the amp well past it's nominal output rating.

The short story is: Half or 2/3rds .... don't touch that dial more...

It isn't loud enough? Remember.... it takes 4 times as much power to make something sound twice as loud. You aren't getting much louder, you're just burning parts.
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