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I can also confirm that 1.3.4 does play music on my Nexus 7 tablet. However, there are definitely some issues that still need to be resolved.

1) On the PC side, Winamp 5.6.3 shows duplicate track listings for all the songs on the tablet, making it difficult to determine how much space is actually free.

2) None of the metadata or album art is transferred to the tablet, even though the metadata from the tracks on the tablet is displayed in the PC interface. I'm using FLACs and all of my files are properly tagged with Album, Artist, Title, Track, Year, and Genre. Compilation albums have that flag set. All of the directories have a cover.jpg file for album art. None of that information transfers to the tablet using Winamp. By comparison, all of that information is transferred when I use Winamp with my iPod nano.

3) It's kind of insulting to then offer an option to "Long Press for Album Art and Metadata" which brings me to a screen where I can buy the Album Washer App to replace all the information that Winamp stripped out of my collection. I've already meticulously cataloged my collection. Why should I have to do ANYTHING to use the information already contained within the files?


After closing Winamp on the PC (which almost always crashes on close BTW), disconnecting the tablet, reconnecting it and loading Winamp, none of the metadata displays in the PC interface for songs on the tablet. Then, after playing a track, the metadata from the tablet does display on the PC.

Copying the cover.jpg file to the tablet album directory alllows it to display when playing a song but nowhere else in the PC or tablet interfaces. The tablet music directory does not match any of the user configurable patterns in the PC interface. I use <Artist>\<Artist>-<Album>\## - <Title> for both "CD Ripping" and "Copy to Local Media Filesnames" (not that I ever use either function). The tablet music directory is always <Artist>\<Album>\## - <Title> although I suspect that the "## - <Title>" is really just the filename.

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