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"Thumpier" bass

Hi all, hope your weeks are going well.

I'm sure this is too strange a question but I want to ask it nonetheless. I have a decent enough system and can get some great sounds from my ol' faithfull SB Audigy card and my aging but incredibly resilient Logitech Z-640 5.1s.

Now, I'm not very well in versed in the exact technical terms as to what I want...but I'd like truer separation of bass. What I want to achieve is a "thumpier" bass drum. When I turn up or configure the bass aspects of what I'm listening to, it effects the bass guitar and low aspects as well...which is what I'm sure it's supposed to do.

But is there any plug-in, tip, trick, workaround or whatever that concentrates on the drum tracks of files that can bring out this "thump" I'm looking for?

Thanks all and take care,
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