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Hi Norwood,

Yeah, I love it. Had heard about it for years. Was using something else that wasn't compatible with Vista/Win 7 (causing random WA errors), so gave Enhancer a try a few months ago. There's a big thread discussing it (link below), that started in 2005. Too bad the original developer is no longer around.

The settings that work best for you will depend on your sound system and type of music you listen to. Experiment, I suggest starting with low direct values and medium range values, then work your way up to what sounds good to you. I didn't like any of the provided presets. Give your brain time to adjust to what your ears are hearing before changing settings. You may find that settings that sound good at low volume will need to be adjusted down for high volume.

I have an old Creative Audigy Platinum sound card and the low wattage Logitech X-540 5.1 speakers. I listen to a lot of genres. I edit the "plugin.ini" file (when WA is not running) to have more precise control over the values set with the sliders.

Harm Bass=5
Harm Bass range=60
Drum Bass=30
Drum Bass range=70
Dry Signal=50
Harm Treble=40
Harm Treble Range=60
Ambience Range=50

I also use my sound card's 7 band equalizer (prefer it over WA's 11 band) to set a 'smile' curve (low and high frequencies boosted higher than middle) for the frequency ranges, because most of my tracks are mp3s.


I use the Maiko output plug-in to upmix stereo for my 5.1 speaker system. I also let Maiko upsample my mp3s from 16 bit - 44.1 KHz to 24 bit - 96 KHz to match my sound card. I think it gives the mid-range to high frequencies a little more clarity, but this may be an illusion on my part.

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