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Originally Posted by k_rock923 View Post
Time to log off of Winamp for a few days. Jones, Ted, and Widdy showed up in a dream I had last night. . .
No, that was real, but at least the extremely forgiving Las Vegas Police Dept. let us go and the STD tests all came up negative. (I kid, I kid)


@ fc*uk and European tour people - please post pics. I need something interesting to look at, as my work schedule doesn't really allow me to do anything interesting outside of work. During the school year I have to live vicariously through others because of that. It's nice to know that things are well for all of you. Yes, pics of Europe and a fish tank would actually be pretty interesting if you ask me.

Last thing bought - an aftermarket backup camera for my wife's car (or SUV or crossover or Rav4 or whatever the hell that thing is called). I hope that I don't ruin the car while installing it. She doesn't know about it yet, so please don't tell her.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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