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I installed 2 of these as a RAID 0 array:

It goes about 225 Megabytes a second (ala Parkdale). That means it reads about half as fast as and writes twice as fast as an Intel 330/530 SSD. Compare to a 2010 Western Digital OEM grade drive 500GB. 54 MB/sec.

It puts a spring in the machines step. If I was Rockefeller, I'd put two more drives in the array.

Western Digital says that 1.5% of the hard drives that are not DOA will fail in the warranty period. So my risk is now 3% that one of the drives will fail and .75% that both drives will fail in 5 years. I have found SMART fault detection to be very reliable. The only Western Digital drive that I didn't throw away working was one I dropped on the concrete from 3 feet. I had one DOA once.

People say this is risky. I say it's a hell of a good bang for the buck upgrade. This is GOOD. It makes the machine just sweet. Especially if you are doing any kind of video editing or rendering. Games load blink. Things install blink.

This didn't really work very well 5 years ago... that was 5 years ago...

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