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It's kinda weird when you try to make movies with characters that are supposed to be now, but the guy who wrote the movie is 61 and it just kinda hangs there outside of space time. And the guy who directed the movie is 50. And it portrays a reality they don't really understand very well. Rooney Mara's composite character "weird chick" is just out of place.

And Daniel Craig is always Daniel Craig.... insert wood block with British accent here....

It was kind of just contrived. Is there such a thing as a formula art film/mystery? If there is, this is it. The cinematography was good, but it almost always is these days. Rooney Mara was really the only good thing about this film.

Worth a buck at Redbox if they don't have Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I guess.

In with the morning mail. Two pretty nice mock turtleneck cotton sweaters and a Hurley thermal shirt. I wanted something a little nice without being too weird for Christmas. It looks like $15-$20 will buy buy you a real nice cotton turtleneck. The good ones seem to be from Egypt. I got a red one, to match my eyes. Amazon... get's me in all kinds of trouble.

It's raining sideways outside again... I need a coat.

Just ordered.
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