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What does this tell you about normal retailers?:

Price: $569.00 Sale: $99.99 You Save: $469.01 (82%)
Aside of most retailers trying to ass-rape you with price, it's a pretty sharp looking coat. I like it. I wear a wool-cashmere blend black topcoat to work everyday. It's likely 10 years old and still looks new now. I have added good leather gloves, great for driving a frozen steering wheel, and form-fitting enough to operate small dashboard buttons. The staff and students always compliment it the look. A topcoat/overcoat really puts a look of class, prestige, and respect on a person, far more so than just the shirt and tie underneath. It's a very worthwhile investment.

I also have to say, the coldest of Iowa and South Dakota winters were not too cold for the one I'm describing, at least when worn outside at -20F for 20 minutes or less. I have an insanely warm parka (not too classy-looking - scroll if you look at link) if I'm going to be out longer and colder. The topcoat isn't too hot for temps up to around +45F, so that's a pretty wide range for such a good looking coat.

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