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Another one I've been looking at is this Dickies Eisenhower coat:

Looked like something sturdy and machine washable to bang around in.

Wool is good stuff. I have 3 wool coats, 2 are in really good shape. They're a few years old. My favorite looks like Linuses blanket. It's at least 15. It's getting pretty bad.

In the long run, if you can grab this stuff at outlet stores or online, good clothes are worth the money. I'm sure I could pop $40 at Target and get crap I'd need to replace next year.

You probably dress some for being a teacher. I sure spent a lot of years in a tie. Linen shirts are gold. Yeah... they're $75-$90. But they last 5 years as daily drivers and look sharp. And it is just really comfortable. And unfortunately, you almost never find those in an outlet store.

For a casual shirt something like this one:

I'm not Rockefeller. If I see one of these it will probably be one I gave for Christmas.

Really I buy nice clothes because it's thriftier than buying crap.

I buy Dickie slacks at Walmart for $20. Those are a pretty nice pant for the money and they get don't get ratty looking like jeans. You'd think you'd look like a service station attendant, but this twill is pretty light. It just looks like slacks. Wears better than jeans.

Just like these, except at Walmart they're like around $22.
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