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I wear long sleeve button down shirts, ties, dress pants (not khakis), belts, dressy socks, dress shoes, and hair gel 5-6 days a week. It gets old having to deal with all that at 6 in the morning all the time. I look forward to retirement where I can put on some basic khakis and a casual shirt and be done with it.

It's a great feeling to finally wear beater clothes when I get a day off. I complain, but at least men's dress clothing isn't too uncomfortable. The women's clothing that my wife has to wear every day looks very uncomfortable. She immediately ditches that stuff when she gets home and puts on warm-ups or running shorts to exercise.

If you don't change sizes (I haven't in around 2 decades), buying good shit costs a lot less in the long-run. I try to keep shirts under $50 and pants under $75. Every once in a while I discover something good at Gabriel's or Goodwill because someone my size died leaving good dress clothes behind. Otherwise, here's a good place to shop if you are willing to pay extra for domestic goods.

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