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Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
imported fabrics.
There is a small textile industry left in the US. J.P. Stevens was the last big one. The FTC says you have to say.

You're talking about Guam, American Samoa... ? They are US citizens in a US possession. Differences in their citizenship: They are self governing without federal interference. They don't pay federal income taxes. No one can vote for a US government candidate while in a US possession. They have no representation in Congress. But they really don't need any. They aren't generally governed by federal law.

Hop on a plane... they as much as citizen as you and me. Stay at home and $10,000 a year will get you by pretty comfortable. And they make it. They do alright. It isn't the third world. Pacific Islanders are pretty happy campers as far as I've seen. Those Guamanians sure put out some football players.

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