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What do they give Paulaner Salvator? You've probably had that that one. It's not as hoppy. I thought it was pretty decent.

What the world needed was one more IPA? That's my usual thinking. But this one is the da shit! It's gooood! Made in Oregon. Hope you can find some. Call your Safeway. They should be able to set you up. It's tap beer down at the pub.

It doesn't force itself by being too pungent. It's got a really nice nose, and unlike most IPA's, it doesn't leave you in a pucker. The pick of some expatriate Brit dart players I know. They like it better than Ballard Biter, and I think I agree. I think Ballard Biter is the standard by which you judge an IPA. A few are better, most don't cut it.
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