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Hmm.. outback huh? Here you could just buy a cherry picker for a couple hundred. 200km tow? I've done something like that for gas money and a bottle of Jack.

If I was gonna use a tow company... I start with ... look I haven't got $1000. I got three-fitee.... cash... I don't care when.. I don't care how... They'res a couple hundred in that job. Somebody would do it on their day off. You could snivel some People really do hate to tell you no. If you're earnest and don't act like you're trying to chisel them....

Remote Oregon probably isn't that much different from remote Australia. A little barter goes a long way. Plead poverty. People understand that.

If they are like me, they think "Some money is better than no money".

I'd see if someone would trade me some elbow grease for my photos if I were you. You're really good. The boss might go for a tow for nice office art. I probably would. And he'd have a story of how he saved a starving artist from the outback. That's not too bad either.

You probably got it handled, but always remember... People hate to tell you no...

Think about it. Somebody comes up to you and asks for something? You always want to say yes. You've usually got to have a pretty good reason not to. If you run into something that's "no skin off your nose", you'll almost always go for it.

I've got enough "will work for beer" friends and I'm one of them... Took my chainsaw over to a neighbors house yesterday and made firewood out of a fallen tree... For half the wood.... and a couple beers... $400 if you call the tree people.

Now I've got a cord of hardwood and a couple beers for 3 hours work..... I abused!

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