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Oregon is 400 miles from one side to the other - there are homesteads out here that are further apart than that
They're 50 miles here, if you can find them. There are 3.8 million people in Oregon. 2.8 million of them live within 20 miles of Portland. On most of the southern coast it's pretty easy to get 100 miles from nowhere. Almost everyone is within 150 miles of the Coast. Due east of Portland until you hit Boise is a big empty. East of there.... It's a really big empty. Nothing much of anything until you get to Minnesota.

It's pretty easy to get a couple hundred miles from nowhere. Not the outback, but it'll do for getting stuck. I'm sure I could find a place 200km away to get stuck which would be as bad as where your truck is. And you know, that's the place your truck always dies. I think the bastards have a "middle of nowhere" detector. It could have crapped out at the last town.... but Noooooo!.... I've walked out 50 miles before in life threatening weather. It sucks.

Good luck... wish I was there... I'd yard ya out...

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