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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
what do you think needs to be done to the podcast support?
A few things.

1) When subscriptions are updated, the subject in the Podcast column should be highlighted or bolded as for those of us with lots of subs, we can't tell which are updated without clicking through them all

2) It's a bit annoying to have to jump between the Subscriptions & Download folders for seeing what's downloaded or not, and startign them. It would be good if the two could be merged in some ways to make it easier.

3) when downloading, you have to jump to the download folder also which is a bit annoying to see the progress level.

4) In the download window, can you add a field for size of file & "Time", that way can check that the full podcast really has fully downloaded. sometimes it hasn't yet says completed.

5) I'd like to select a few subscriptions at one time (CTRL select) and do an update on them rather than one at a time or do all at one time (I've got around 15 subs, and I others with many many more). It can take a while.

6) After downloading, all sub downloads should be tagged as 'Podcasts' in Genre field. This makes easier to find in the filters I set up for organising my media. If there's a problem the podcast tag is lost and so only if the Genre field is manually amended will it still be marked as podcast.

That's what I can think of off the top of my head.

I love Winamp and I just want to see it kept in front of all others (it's far superior to iTunes).

Also one more thing. I use the History add in so as to remember for podcasts to restart where last left off, however I don't need see the entry in my media library column. Just surplus. Like to be able to hide it and it doesn't store any of my history.
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