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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
mods, feel free to move these posts into their own thread, just link to them please.

u r using 5.7?

in my exp, winamp will always get the rating right as long as you rescan the files in question, and then refresh the view. what txt string is used to ID the file doesn't matter, and it doesn't even have to be an email, altho that is correct by spec.

i don't believe winamp ever writes a 0 for rating, but even if it did it would just mean it isn't showing stars.

winamp does nothing with the playcounts info. it will write a 0 when writing a rating to a file that had no previous POPM data.

did u find the option in winamp to use your own email for the mp3 dll?
Yes, build 3315. I tried it several times and can reproduce it. When I use a custom email address (or name) it writes some weird shit into the POPM field. E.g.: email is it would write e@ma.ilÄ or into the first field. And a rating of zero. This only happens when a new POPM frame is written. When an existing one is used the email will stay the same and the rating is written correctly.
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