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Originally Posted by killerkarl View Post
Yes, build 3315. I tried it several times and can reproduce it. When I use a custom email address (or name) it writes some weird shit into the POPM field. E.g.: email is it would write e@ma.ilÄ or into the first field. And a rating of zero. This only happens when a new POPM frame is written. When an existing one is used the email will stay the same and the rating is written correctly.
you have found a bug. i hadn't actually checked it yet with mp3tag until you said this.

its very strange, the weird chars at the end of my email "go away" by themselves when i click into the field in mp3tag, (which i only did for the top file shown, not sure why the bottom ones don't show any)

the "big" numbers should all be 0's, (playcounts), and the 0's should all be either 1,64,128,196, or 255. the "weird" ascii/ansi chars or whatever they are shouldn't be there at all.

see my screenshot:
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