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Originally Posted by Kigen View Post
... I am hearing audio problems during song transitions (presumably because of the metadata being sent). The server should be using ice headers and using OpusHead and OpusTags.
It's because the Opus specification says that each li in the chain doesn't have to be the same number of channels so I have to close and re-open the output plugin on every new chain. The metadata is not the issue, the stream is. The Opus developers have said that opus streams don't use icy metadata (though the plugin still supports it.) However, I'll look to see if I can keep the same output plugin session if the current chain has the same NCH as the previous.

Originally Posted by Kaminari View Post
Experiencing the same issue (along with a complete freeze of Winamp) on Win7-64 Pro.
A complete freeze I've yet to see on Win7 64bit.
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