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The attached version should fix all that ails ya. I redesigned the handling of URL resource playback to use the libopusfile library callbacks instead of parsing the OggS packets myself. Net result of this is that all streams (and all linked Opus chains) will always be outchucked as stereo (even if the stream is mono or quadraphonic or 5.1 or whatever other numbers you throw at it), which means no closing and reoppening of the output plugin during link changes.

Unfortunately, this means that libopusurl support was dropped in favor of the callback versions. When the new version of libopusurl is finally published, I'll try to find some way to bash libopusurl support back into it with the new handler as the new fallback.

Tested on Win7 Pro 64bit and WinXP Home 32bit.

This is an official (well, about as official as I can make it) non-beta release build. Latest supported version.

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