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Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
I still don't get it, what the difference is between the libopusurl and the "own handler" thing.... but I guess, it's all fine in the newest build
The liboupusurl API's include support for proxy connections, https, and seeking of online files. My handler does not. I've put off trying to implement any of that myself because I'm waiting/hoping for the JNetLib Wasabi APIs to be published by DrO though he has his hands full at the moment so it'll be a while before I know when/if I'll be able to implement those features myself.

And yes, that's what those libraries in the previous post you mentioned are for so you can remove them if you want but I don't recommend you do as the plugin might use some ancillary functions in them for efficiency purposes.

I'm about to re-focus my attention back to the issues with Skinimizer so if there are any additional issues with the plugin, let me know A.S.A.P. before I get heavy into Skinimizer.
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