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We don't want to give up yet. But I think, AOL will not give responses generally. That doesn't mean, that the end will really come...

In Post #1 I am reading these words again and again:
"What is lost - Online services (like Now playing, MoodAgent, etc). The good thing about it is that now people can use / create custom services to use with it, like Broser Pro or Reader already does in cPro skins."
"The good news (yes! there are!) - # People can now create Online services"

Does that mean, that I can create an own website and an own "online service"? This sounds very good. I have also seen the screenshots in this thread... and something with "Winamp-Javascript-API".

I don't know yet, if websites on each website-server would work and if also platform-profiles would work. Especially the music-video-platforms and the social networks have changed the profile-layouts so many times (and maybe also the API).

I have already planned an own website (for free) without making online-banking, because I want to build in the Mixlr-Player of my Mixlr-Radio, but I want to have my website also for some other reasons.

This question will be very interesting also for the other Winamp-User. I will keep my eyes open for the following days, before I will focus again on myself as an artist in the upcoming year.

I still wish You all the best and I wish, that Winamp can survive...

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