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I am only an artist and not a developer, but I have found this link:

I have created many new .odt-files with Apache Open Office, in case also this website will disappear soon:

But I hope, that a replacement website with tutorials will be created or that at least new .pdf-files with download-links on the new board will be available soon, but then the download-links should really work there also for the non-members, because not everybody wants to register just to get the files. I think, that the people will register, because they want to discuss.

The original help-pages will disappear soon, but in the Bento Browser You can create a new subfolder, and then You can add the replacement forum as favourite there. I myself did that with my, from where I can go directly to my other profiles.

PS, the very new builds from today are already as installer-setups on my harddrive...

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