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Well, just let me cry a bit here.

AOL, for the last 20 years, have been buying the best software available, just to shut them down a bit later.

That happened to ICQ (so that MSN, which NEVER worked stably and NEVER implemented ICQ's features, could grow) and Netscape (we were lucky its source was opened just before it was bought, thanks to that we have FireFox and now IE is a useless junk).

Now it's Winamp.

How can a company that wastes so much money not close itself? Maybe we should ask SCO?...

Winamp is the second music player I've discovered just when I started using PC. The first one came in a CD I bought in a magazine, it was named Gamut and sucked lol. And I've been using Winamp non-stop for... 15 years?

It's sad enough to hardly be updated and most plugin devs be gone, must AOL rly stop its development?? How can the best music player ever developed, with a forum of thousands of online visitors, be just stopped?

Sadly, if ICQ and Netscape died, AOL will do the same with Winamp. Why can't they open it then? Imagine how it would grow if plugin devs could work in its source!
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