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Originally Posted by mjbrown View Post
Hmm...when browsing by Just Added or Recently Modified, I only get listings for 2943 skins and 966 plugins. Where did your additional ones come from?

What about visualizations? Looks like there are 2779 of them. Have you archived those?

Did you save the complete comments (or any comments) for each plugin page? The comments on each plugin/visualization page are paginated, dynamically loaded 5 at a time via JavaScript.
For my part, I have the 2,943 skins, 966 plug-ins, and 2,779 visualizations presently featured on (the fact that these continue to be featured @ I am taking as a kind of soft endorsement from the staff that all these skins/plugins/visualizations are deemed to be at least kinda sorta compatible with newer versions). I did not grab any of the other skins/plug-ins/visualizations which are still available from but are no longer featured at, as I did do not know if they bear any continued relevance for newer versions and I don't have the time to go through them to find out, though I realize that some of them might have appeal beyond Winamp, such as for other media players which are compatible with .wsz skin files.

I had to rename a few of the files due to conflicting filenames (ex. for visualizations- Colors.exe and COLORS.exe, by two different authors), as I dumped each (skins/plug-ins/visualizations) into a respective directory and then created an SFX of each directory. I made note of any security issues (reported adware, trojans, etc), but did not delete any of the affected plug-ins. Some of the adware is so old that the adware servers (and maybe even the companies) no longer exist. Unfortunately, I did not get the descriptions and reviews for any of these skins/plug-ins/visualizations, and likely won't have the time to do so before the Winamp carriage turns into a pumpkin.

I also grabbed winamp5666_full_en-us.exe (build 3516), winamp57_3444_beta_full_all.exe (would need something like RunAsDate or Time Stopper, or would have to defile the purity of the system clock for the beta), Winamp-, and Winamp-1.4.15.apk, as well as installWaDetect.exe, even though it will be completely worthless. Besides these, I didn't download any other versions, bundles, or related software that was available.

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