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What AOL say they have paid for in licensing should be taken with a pinch of salt.
e.g. Paying for the full/pro Winamp will unlock the MP3 encoding, supposedly licensed from Fraunhofer and Thomson.
However AOL obviously never use that money for such a thing, as you actually enable the FREE "Lame_enc.dll" which does not use any Fraunhofer or Thomson code.
Neither does any other freeware that uses the same Lame DLL.

For the remaining CoDecs that are actually licensed, I have no idea why the Devs never followed the rest of the planet and it's dog, and opt for the FFmpeg project.

Any and all problem plugins could be left out of a fully free Winamp, leaving the user to buy and add them at their discretion, or install free alternatives.

In the past software authors avoided licence issues in a commercial product, by offering the Licensed plugin as a free DL.
This is how many developers avoided paying for the GIF licence.
Do not include with the base commercial install, offer the freebie plugin as an extra.

Personally I would happily junk the Fraunhofer Winamp MP4/AAC encoder in favour of the superior and award-winning AAC encoder from Nero (again, available for free).

Winamp has a lot of baggage added by corporate-thinkers, not geeks.
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