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MP3 and MP4/AAC formats when encoding and decoding require licensing with the volume of downloads that Winamp had and most of the other players should do the same as well but they either circumvent things (as you're pushing for in your comments) or just ignore it and due to historic reasons, Winamp is on the radar for such things so it has to pay it - welcome to corporate reality.

the 'pro' license covered a number of things which your comments are completely ignoring as you're focusing on one thing only.

and what you're saying means Winamp should then just not provide MP3 support for example or make the user download a plug-in (which still would need to be licensed) - sorry to inform you but from a user view point and a usability that is an epic fail of a suggestion and kills Winamp as one of it's main uses.

and the 'baggage' you're taking about can easily not be installed, again showing a lack of understanding about how Winamp works.

and not going with FFMpeg is because it is a dog and with everything i've already said, it would not have been viable under agreements which were made and in place.

and yes you're probably not going to like this and tear my response to shreds but it's the reality of things as was and is how it was whether it's liked or not and everyone forgets / never knows a lot of the crap that was done behind the scenes to keep Winamp free (as everything even when 'free' has a cost which i have to say all of your arguments completely ignore the reality off).
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