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Just to add to DrO's reply...

Thompson/Fraunhofer own the mp3 patent.
It doesn't matter what decoder or encoder you use, whether FhG, LAME, Nero, or other,
to be legal, you still need to pay Thompson/FhG.

Other free players might be able to get away with it, but Winamp can't.

As DrO said, shipping Winamp without mp3 playback support would be pretty crazy,
as would expecting users to download a separate dll for mp3 support.

Likewise, MPEG4v2 & H.264 decoding requires a license from MPEG-LA (the patent owners),
regardless of what decoder you use.

The cost of Pro covers this per-user license, alongside the mp3 encoder license & the full Sonic CD Engine.

Thus, Winamp is fully licensed & legal :-)
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