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ok, this just got really bizarre... that's NOT the artwork that I see. and obviously "fresh cream" is not the right artwork either for an Isaac Hayes song.

DrO, are you sure that artwork is not as a result of a cream cover file in that folder? I know it says embedded...

but anyway, this is going to take some explaining, and I don't have proof just observations, so bear with me:

that mp3 was DL'd from the internet. turns out that in my dir/folder, I had the correct artwork placed there by WMP, the typical 4 system/hidden files. I've attached the Folder.jpg

when that is in the folder with the mp3 and I do alt+3, winamp crashes. if I take it out of the folder and do alt+3, no crash!

however, I see no artwork in alt+3 at all when it opens.

so I am curious how you got the crash to reproduce if no artwork was in the folder?

I also don't see any artwork in mp3tag, but it does report something as being in there, possibly a png, which it says is 0x0 and 161KB. so, mp3tag reports that it has an embedded cover, BUT it does NOT show me any kind of cover, and that's with or without the folder.jpg in the folder.

in the winamp display pane funnily enough, if the folder.jpg is in there and I do a manual refresh, it works, and if it isn't in there, llama.

(and something I discovered from this, is that the two other i.hayes mp3s I have in that folder, were displaying a different, older, pre-WMP placed folder.jpg artwork. so winamp was displaying, for those two, a cached version and not replacing it with the newer artwork, even after rescans; and yet it WAS displaying the WMP one for the one mp3 I linked above, so it seems as if the bug also somehow provoked an automatic artwork display refresh??? ...unless I manually did that one some time ago and don't recall doing so)
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