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as i have said in my reply, the crash i reproduced is due to not handling the missing / incorrect mime type from the tag correctly - if you're having some other crash from that unofficial build then sorry but you've not made that clear and what i've said about that version still holds true (which i'm not the only one to have said the same thing).

as what i reproduced is purely luck of the draw for who it'll crash for based on the plug-in version and existing memory values i.e. stuff that doesn't matter now it's fixed and is no need to say anything else (if you really want to know more, null pointer exception handling is what you should read up on and anything else to do with memory management in C/C++).

and my screenshot was meant as a test to see if anyone was paying attention as i know it's not the correct image and clearly the handling of failed embedded images is leading to the alternate searches being looked for (but is clearly at odds with what is shown for the origin) and was to prove my argument that folder.* is not a good thing to have enabled by default as bad tags can lead to such incorrect lookups as well!

again, that's something i'll need to sort out as part of some additional work i've got to do with artwork lookup / handling and doesn't need further discussion.
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