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I do appreciate the info.

to be clear, I am using 3516 winamp, clean, but with the 105 which I know is not supported. again, this report was just to help bulletproof winamp and any further development of the dll. I could solve the issue for myself asap by just deleting the faulty embed, but I thought the report and example file may help you devs.

however, I would simply add that I have it crash 100% of the time with the folder.jpg in the folder, and I have not had it crash once with the jpg out of the folder, and I tried it both ways many, many times... so it doesn't seem random to me, but I assume I am missing something in what you are trying to explain, and you don't have to try to explain further, I just wanted to point that out. u may be interested to note the weird behaviors I described in posts 9 and 10 tho.

and of course you should know by now, as detail oriented as I am in these matters, that I was paying attention. I see the point you are making about the folder.*/faulty embed conflict, its well taken, and I'm sure you'll come up with a solution.

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