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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I'm not able to reproduce that. My Windows Explorer shows the "Tough Guys" image in the file you provided whether there is a folder.jpg in the same folder or not. I tried adding and removing the folder.jpg several times.

It is clear that Explorer has a way of displaying that image that other apps do not. I forgot to mention this when the earlier discussion wandered off.
finally, THANK YOU for contributing something useful.

...and something very interesting as well. whats so interesting is I can not get windows explorer to show that artwork as the icon at all anymore, since I took the folder.jpg out of the folder. now, that might [likely] be coincidence, b/c logically one should have nothing to do with the other.

its really interesting that windows is showing you the embed in the file, which means that somehow the art file is readable.

at mp3tag, users there extracted the artwork and couldn't get it to work even using things like infraview. so one does wonder why its working for you, how its done, and why it did use to work for me, but now no longer does?


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