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he seemed to imply there were two "pieces" of code severed in the file which he put together again.

as to winamp fixing such a break, I agree it's outside the scope of what winamp should be expected to do, although if it can do it within reason, it probably should, however my initial problem was that when it encountered the issue it flat out crashed, rather than handled it gracefully. DrO will / has fixed it, so my goal in reporting the crash has been accomplished, which is helping winamp to become more robust.

when I moved the file to another folder, it didn't fix it. it really is baffling b/c it showed the art for years and only stopped after I moved the Folder.jpg, which should be unrelated and yet maybe a relationship does exist there as it does in winamp's alt+3. but why I can't get it to come back at all, yet u see it right away, its just very mysterious.

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