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The files somehow being different would have been the easy answer for the Explorer image display discrepancy. It appears to be something else which won't be as easy to resolve as other Explorer discrepancies we've had.

Anyway, as to the main thing i.e. error handling. Looks like you have helped improve Winamp and possibly Mp3tag. That's a good 2 for 1.

Did you run that file through mp3val? If you did, with all the errors in it, it is unsettling that did not detect most (if not all) of them. I sometimes use mp3val as a backup to mp3diags and it will be a pain to have to find something else that checks for multiple errors.

I'm very meticulous in checking for structural errors before I commit a file to my library. I'm still using v4.104 of in_mp3.dll and have not had any problems (even the Gracenote playlist generator works for me) with build 5316, after removing/replacing 'bad' 3rd party plug-ins. I'm kinda hoping for a problem in order to reveal flaws in my vetting process. I'm pretty much convinced that bad (non-spec) data structure is the main reason many users have problems with Winamp (other than the bugs discovered from time to time).

In any event, 'bad' files should not be allowed to cause Winamp to crash. So anything reasonably done to help avoid that is a positive.

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