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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
from what we're extracting from the frame, the stored image doesn't have the header bytes (unless it's been shifted so it ends up mangling the frame header - I didn't check that since our handling just looks for anything and the lookup worked as expected so maybe what is suposed is right but I'm not sure it is).

whatever the case, its a weird file and how / what created it is doing something wrong (and I definitely cannot see artwork from it in explorer without fixing the image in the file itself).
this is all certainly above my head, but detlevd seems to suggest the image file actually is fine in its header. so I'm not clear from all these posts if the image file itself is truly corrupt or not, or if it is just the id3 frame header, but it sounds like he might be saying that.

something else that's curious is that in his last post he mentions a special case about the APIC frame which may require a change to mp3tag, but he doesn't say what exactly.

so anyway, I am 100% with whatever and however you decide to handle all this, I just wanted to keep you abreast of the new posts at mp3tag.

the windows explorer thing is also very curious, but def outside the scope of anything winamp should care about.

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