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An ancient thread... I found it just now searching for info on how to get a single installation of Winamp (5.666) to use different settings (including media paths, history, etc) depending on which Windows user (in W7 and W8.1) is currently signed in.

I have not read every post in the thread, because some of the technical issues are beyond me, and because it is older than both W7 and W8.

I've played around a bit based on Benski's OP, quotes below, but haven't gotten it to work. But I'm hoping someone who sees this can point me in the right direction.

Viva Winamp!

Originally Posted by Benski View Post
I'm currently adding multi-user profile support for Winamp 5.11 (not yet released as of this post). I'd like to hear from users on what additional features might be necessary.

Here's how it works so far. On load-up, Winamp reads from "paths.ini" which will be located in the same folder as winamp.exe. This ini file has four entries
inidir: overrides where Winamp and plugins store their data files.
m3udir: overrides where Winamp will store its playlist.
inifile: overrides the name of "winamp.ini"
class: overrides the Winamp class name (like the /class= commandline switch)

When Winamp reads paths.ini, it will expand environment variables and CSIDLs. Environment variables should be surrounded by %, and CSIDLs surrounded by {}'s.
A list of CSIDLs can be found at
Please note that paths.ini requires the decimal value of each of these, while MSDN lists the hexadecimal value.

An example paths.ini would be

Which would make winamp and plugins store their data in C:\Documents and Settings\Benski\Application Data\Winamp, the inifile be called Benski.ini, the playlist saved in My Music, and the winamp instance to be uniquely identified as Winamp_Benski

Note that the install will create a default paths.ini, so most users won't have to mess with this. However, it can be customized to meet other needs.

Comments? Suggestions?

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