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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

maybe if DrO gets out his proposed software, he might include your encoders and some other stuff, if u'd allow it? it would def help spread it.

and actually, maybe Egg would too? of course, if it was Egg, i def think the jtfe disaster shouldn't be repeated, meaning he'd need to have "forever access" to your code.
Concerning bundling my plugins, I don't like it since I can't see downloads of the bundled software. I understand that it would radicaly increase my visibility and that's the only reason I would consider allowing it. There could also be legal issues that would need to be adressed.

All of my software is closed source (except for a couple of exceptions, mostly example stuff) and would be cumbersome to manage and update even if it were open as I am using a number of non-standard Borland specific C++ language extensions (closer, property, etc...) that are not supported by MSVC.
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