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I'm not an expert on this. Issues I am aware of:

1. Shader model 1, used by most older presets, allows 64 instructions, but the number of instructions generated depends on the compiler. It may happen that the preset compiles to 63 instructions on a specific test setup, but to 65 on another, in which case it would throw an error. This can easily be resolved by changing to a higher shader model.

2. Shader model "4" (version number in the milk file) would allow 1024 instructions, but this only seems to work on NVidia cards, and not even all of them. With ATI cards, you may just see a black screen. Probably a MD bug. Try it out by setting the lines
to "4" in the milk file.

Other than these, I have not encountered any specific functions which work on one card but not another.

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