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Re: Another rockout hippie classic

Originally posted by spiderbaby1958
If you're a moderate, I'm Britney Spears.

If you have any kind of health insurance, or if you pay taxes, your money goes to HPV, like it or not. The question is: do you want your money to go toward paying for a vaccine, or toward treating women with fully developed cases of cervical cancer? Which do YOU think is going to drive up the cost of health care for everybody?
5000 people dying of anything is the proverbial "drop in the bucket". AIDS is so far also a "drop in the bucket".

When every hungry child in the country has good food and every person can get basic medical care, then I'm gonna worry about exotic and relatively rare STDs.

This is a USA problem. We'll drop a million trying to separate siamese twins, but Johnny goes hungry and goes to a crappy school that teaches him to make stupid assumptions like "If you're a moderate, I'm Brittany Spears".

The United States. Capable of the greatest scientific knowledge and skill in medicine. Also nearly impossible to get the simplest, most basic medical care if you don't have insurance. A third of us don't.

Illness, even of the most simple, easily treated kinds, goes untreated, while our special interests get billions to treat diseases that are 100% preventable by simply keeping your pants on.

As one of the uninsured, because some relatively cheap medical problems put me in a risk group that makes it very hard to get insurance, f*ck the medical community and f*ck the insurance companies.

I hope I didn't sound like a conservative there

Curing cervical cancer (what a horrible thing) would be great. How about a damned band-aid?. How about emergency rooms that don't cost $100 a second?. Or filthy hospital rooms at $12000 a day that aren't as clean as a Motel 6?.

Sure we'll go to Mars, develop the "Mother of all bombs" and spend billions on this, that or the other thing. But we didn't get bang for our buck.

I want to look at and be a healthy person that had minor medical stuff taken care of before it got serious without going bankrupt.

Now I am in agonizing pain, just for need of a few thousand in dentistry. I will be there until I come up with $5000 to get some teeth fixed. The reason?. I am what used to be called the middle class. Now they call me the working poor.

My dog gets basic medical care because I can afford that.

Luckily I am more dignified than to take my car keys and scratch beemers at the hospital. I wonder if I took a sledgehammer whether I could do $100 a second damage to a brand new sports car the doctor is driving?.

Maybe I should get the mexican street gang to knock my errant teeth out. It would be cheaper, and I wouldn't have to buy spraypaint to cover up gang tags.

But if I send dirt to hell, I'll be the one that gets arrested.

Everything here is ass backwards and diffusing the real major problems we face as normal people who go to work, mind our own business, go to church and are kind to the people around us.

Then you can get sick and go to the hospital to get mugged.

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