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Rationality occasionally escapes me with a short case of Bud.

Waxing poetic and having pride in being a man, and a man that is strong in his traditions, and recognising the strength of other men who follow similar traditions, is possibly politically incorrect.

I can come off as being an adding machine, but truly I am a man of great love and passion.

That isn't always revealed. My true feelings are absolute gentleness. A soldier that would kill you, but a man that would rather not.

Conduct that will lead you to peace, the love of your family, the love of your giant dog, and a good life having security in that is my goal.

I haven't found the right answer, but I really know what doesn't work.

Perhaps I will wax poetic again, but pride and knowledge of the wisdom of thousand of yeara of humans who brought us here?. It's largely ignored for current philosophy that is a complete failure.

Consider your steps, be a strong, reliable man. It's not a crime. It is the nature of the men, that brought you here. Ignoring their counsel is ignoring your own heritage.

We knew they screwed up. Did we make it better?. No, we use it as an excuse to cover our own misdeeds.

Poetic waxed enough?.
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