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Originally posted by rockouthippie
I'm just pointing out that zoot and the traditions of scots aren't as liberal as he would say and that his own perceptions in rhetoric wouldn't match his actual belief.

I am sure that when zoot is a father, that like most scots, will be a redneck of unprecedented proportions.

Paternal, strict and immutable. The scottish men in my country make me look like a liberal.
I think that the concept of liberalism you're using is pretty much irrelevant on this side of the pond. What scots are traditionally known for politically is a strong support of socialism, largely because of the high proportion of working class families (like my family, going back tens of generations on my father's side, and I'm not sure how far on my mother's).

There's nothing (or at least, there should be nothing) wrong about "being a man". I don't think, however, that my political views conflict with any of this stuff, though. I am, personally, a proponent of permissive legislation. Let the people decide where it affects no-one else. To be truly strong, one needs an atmosphere such as this.

I rarely show the full extent of my political beliefs online, in any case (I tend to be right-leaning and extremely libertarian, for what it's worth), I'm playing devil's advocate more often than people realise.

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