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Originally posted by rockouthippie
I want cold, hard practical numbers. Whatever does the most good within the resources available is what we should do. No catechism, just cold hard facts.
How, exactly?

Originally posted by rockouthippie
I am leery of vaccines, because many drugs that we use have later proven dangerous. The pill gives women cancer. ***** nearly killed my friend and reduced his lifespan etc.
I don't disagree on most vaccines — and I believe we are generally overmedicated as a society.

The pill does not, per se, "give women cancer", however. Yes, there is a slight increased risk of breast cancer according to an extensive study — though most other studies have proved inconclusive. The pill actually protects you quite a bit from other forms of cancer.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
Frankly, I think that schools are teaching exactly that. The emphasis is on preventing VD not by abstaining from sex, but from employing devices and drugs to make a very risky behavior less risky. The problem is, as our illegitimacy and disease rates show, that this is a false security.
Schools are not going to make the difference in people's abstinence. I mean, they barely make a difference in people's pronunciation of English.

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