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Originally posted by rockouthippie
Perhaps because they teach exactly the opposite of what is a reasonable opinion about our sexual lives.
Is it? They teach the facts, and how to be safer. Allowing people to take responsibility for their own actions.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
"Here's a rubber, go fer it". doesn't work. As our disease and illegitimacy rates fully demonstrate.
I'm not convinced there are any numbers backing that one up, sorry. But you're missing the point. The emphasis isn't "here's a rubber, go for it". It's "if you do choose to have sex, this will make it safer".

As opposed to abstinence-only education, where a "see no evil hear no evil, do no evil" approach. As with "just don't do it" drugs education, this patronises the child while missing out information which could be crucial for them. Kids are going to have sex. A proper sex education program (and I have no idea what the ones in the US are like, sorry) teaches about responsibility and the facts and reality around it. To gloss over the subject is an insult to the student's intelligence and personal responsibility.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
My dads advise: "Well son, keep your pecker in your pocket" is quaint, but maybe better advise.
There's no reason that that advice can't be backed with a good knowledge of the facts of the matter. But removing education in contraceptives and so on benefits no-one.

As I say, I might be out of touch with your educational system, but here it was not an encouragement at all. Just education in the facts needed to make responsible, adult decisions.

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