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Originally posted by zootm
I might be out of touch with your educational system, but here it was not an encouragement at all. Just education in the facts needed to make responsible, adult decisions.
This is not my impression, being the father of someone your age. If I found responsibility in the schools, I wouldn't gripe.

The current wisdom is that we can't guide our children to reasonable behavior, so lets let them play russian roulette with a condom.

I assure you that a strong, consistant loving father is able to keep their children out of harms way.

I think you are an honorable young man, and perhaps you find the influence of your dad in ways you don't fully understand.

Have I won the popularity contest in my house?. Guess?. But no one has come to harm on my watch. I call that a win.

Things you will understand when you are a father yourself. Or not, but you and your children will pay dearly for your lack of dilligence.

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