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Well, I dunno. There just seems to be a thin line between giving people the facts, and the "free reign" thing you worry about. I do understand your concerns (obviously not as well as I would if I were a father, but I can see your points), but I think the only responsible approach has to include education about contraception. Yes, emphasise abstinence as a real alternative — something that abstinence-only education doesn't really do, since it ends up being preachy and unrealistic — but don't leave angles so crucial as contraception uncovered.

You can guide a child to responsible behaviour, as a parent. But not everyone does. And not every child can be guided as well as others. At least give them knowledge, it's the most important thing in the world.

As I say, though, I had a very good experience with responsible sex ed here. It may not be the case over there (especially since in the US it's a polarised debate, whereas here it's treated much more as just "what happens").

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