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Originally posted by zootm
In fact, research has shown that abstinence-only sexual education increases rates of pregnancy.
And what studies would show you this when we have illegitimacy in record numbers. Some urban areas have 90% of kids wondering "whos your daddy?".

Perhaps Scotland is different.

I have accounting experience, and when the "balance sheet" doesn't add at the bottom, I question the numbers that are on top.

Show me numbers which show our current method of sexual education isn't a damned blight, with disease, fatherless children and hurt.

Maybe you don't understand some things. For one women having abortions, no big deal right?. No, it cuts their guts out, I have yet to meet an exception. This isn't my feeling, it's theirs, and their remorse is not something I want to experience.

You are giving a "bean counter" numbers that don't add.

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