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OK, so let's just not bother to mention that it's possible, within your duty as a man, and acceptable to conduct yourself with dignity.

The measure of a man is his kindness, not his might. But both are trained and considered like forging a sword.

Educating a man to be a just, loving, responsible man is not hard or complicated. Keeping him that way with people that don't want to live righteously is hard.

We need to give up this bane and be men. Men that our proud in our heritage.

---wax poetic---

When I dab the soapy stuff on my face, I want to see the completely honorable man that I see, who harmed no one due to lust or greed, and stood as a champion his own honor.

Do I see that guy in the mirror?. I try really hard.

Chivalry and honor are quite teachable. If you teach a man dignity and self respect, then we have won the battle.

Or do you think that "dogs humping in the yard" is our amount of dignity?.

If you tell me that basic morals, self respect and common decency can't be taught, then I'm very mistaken.

GOD!. I am such a freaking boy scout I even annoy myself. But I've tried the other way, briefly, it just doesn't work.
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