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I believe that society as a whole is utterly incapable of instilling morals in children; the only people capable of doing that are parents (possibly with assisstance of personal interested parties).

My morals are not my parent's morals. But I'm probably annoyingly "moralistic" to almost anyone on these forums, even you, rockouthippie. I don't drink, smoke, or "do drugs". My main vice is caffeine, and I drink less than a cup of coffee's worth a day. I use my damn turn signal, I'm honest, I am literally an Eagle Scout. (But I do curse... )

This doesn't come from society. Many of the things society considers moral; I don't, and vice-versa. It doesn't even directly come from my parents. Partially, I'm sure, it's me, whatever I am (whether a genetic code or a spirit), but partially it is the way I was raised, but not in a moralistic sense. I believe that humans are inherantly moral, given the chance to freely choose. However, we're also inherantly rebellious; if you try to force us down a certain path, even the path we would've chosen, we will seek another.

I believe this is basically what zootm is saying; that you can't teach just abstinance, because it's not going to work, simply because humans value choice so highly.

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