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Originally Posted by Tohno_Neil View Post
Need for some better solution.
A guy in Russia was developing an output plug-in that resamples and remixes (if necessary) the original file's output to make the bit depth and sampling frequency and the number of output channels match that which is set in the Windows control panel sound utility or have Winamp's bit depth, sampling frequency, and the number of output channels match what is encoded in the original file. In either case the output is sent directly to the sound device driver and bypasses Windows processing. It was mostly finished and worked well except for some problems in the last release with it's configuration screen and minor compatibility issues with Winamp's Jump to File Extra plug-in. But no one has heard from him in over 2 years. Maybe he'll show back up.

A few people still use it ,even with it's issues ( and There is a long thread in the Development sub-forum (, near the end is some discussion on remaining problems and how to work around the configuration issues.

Sound quality depends on far more than the digital music player, with or without it's 'enhancements' (replay gain, equalizing, etc). It starts with the quality of the digital file (especially if a lossy format like mp3 is used), then the quality of the digital to analog converters in the sound device hardware, and finally the quality of the output amp and speakers/headphones.

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