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Gawddamnit that was NOT what I was expecting. That's just more frustrating than being a legless Ethiopian watching a doughnut roll down the hill.

Ok, there's two plugin attachments on this post.

The first being a new version of in_bpopus.dll that changes the way is searches for the support DLLs (which probably won't fix the issue but it's worth a shot.)

The other is my version of an info-tool plugin that will give me the required information the Koopa Info tool does not provide (in this circumstance.)

Please install the new version of the opus plugin first then install the info tool plugin and generate a report by opening the Winamp Preferences window and double clicking the "BogProg thinktink" plugin in the treeview Plugins-Generic category. It will ask to confirm to generate the report, click "Yes". It can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to create the report depending on your system, afterwhich time (hopefully) an explorer window will open with the compressed report file ("") selected. Please attach that file in your next post.

I removed the previously attached info tool report generator plugin as it's not exclusively or directly related to the Opus plugin.

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